Insulated Coolroom Panel and Thermal products
Coolroom, coldroom or hot room. Whatever you need, you can use our insulated panel products – Panelex and PANELPHEN from the smallest project to the largest.  From small mobile freezers to the biggest industrial coolrooms, Panelex and FM rated PANELPHEN are perfect for the job. 

Austec not only supply insulated coolroom panels, fixtures, fittings and sealants, we can also build and specify your project. We an assist you from inception to completion. Once specified we then supply the insulated panels, fixtures and fittings to these exact specifications. And, if you wish, we can supply and build your coolroom, coldroom, hotroom or other structure using one of our experienced installation teams.
Our commercial refrigeration units are flat packed for easy handling and transport, and come complete with all accessories including windows, doors, refrigerator drop in units motors and compressors.


Typical uses of insulated panel:

  • Cool Room
  • Freezers
  • Dual Temperature Rooms
  • laboratories
  • Proven rooms
  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Hot rooms
  • Abattoirs

Key features of insulated panel:

  • superb insulation
  • energy saving
  • design flexibility
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • meets health industry regulations.
You can:
  • Order panels and materials in a kit form
  • Order panelling and materials only
  • Have us develop a kit
  • Have one of our experienced teams install the room for you.
No matter whether you want to build a small mobile coolroom to be towed behind the family car, or a large food preparation plant or factory incorporating food-grade facilities, We can help.